Establish trusted brand in cyber wellness & online safety to build healthy online space

AIS considers company’s obligation to ensure cyber-wellness and online safety by ensuring healthy online spaces for Thai society. With increasing internet penetration, there has been growing social concerns regarding cyber risks exposed to the communities such as identity theft, cyber-bullying, etc. According to DQ institute, in 2017, 60% of Thai children are exposed to cyber risks or 4% higher than the global average, while currently there is little work being done to tackle these risks. By enhancing safe online spaces for Thais, AIS will not only reduce exposure to reputational risk impact as a responsible service provider but also improve engagement with customers.


AIS have set our long-term targets as follows:

  • Become the most trusted operators in cyber-wellness by 2021
  • Reach 500,000 people through our cyber-wellness & online safety programs by 2021

To achieve our targets, AIS aims to proactively mitigate risks to vulnerable groups in the society by identifying such groups comprising children age 5-12, adults, and senior citizen. Our strategy focuses on 3 important elements: Prevention, Education, and Awareness.


AIS has offered the application-based security solutions e.g. ZoneAlarm and Safe & Care which provide features to prevent customers from emerging cyber risks.


ZoneAlarm subscriptions

Provide safety online lifestyle, away from cyber attacks

  • Secured connection when surfing online
  • Instantly alert when unsafe app detected
  • Always update new malwares or virus signature
  • Trusted public Wi-Fi hotspots recommended

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AIS Safe & Care

Safe & Care subscriptions

Encourage family safety with real time locations of members and restrict the use of their smartphones.

  • Real time location based services, family location and check-in
  • Geo-fencing
  • Parental control: Control the member’s mobile usage by setting access and call restriction
  • Phone security: Find, ring, lock and wipe any family phone if lost or stolen

Did you know Smartphone users are attacked by cyber threats every minute?

AIS Sustainability Report