AIS pledges to continue utilizing its strength as a smart digital life service provider to drive economic sustainability with concern for all stakeholders to create business, social, and environmental value in tune with good governance principles.

Mr. Kan Trakulhoon Chairman of the Board of Directors

"Overcoming crisis and fostering growth in the digital economy along with taking care of society and the environment through the 7 Strategies for Sustainable Development"

Digital service operations in 2021 faced huge challenges, particularly the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic that has raged on since last year, adversely impacting the economic circumstances and people’s way of living. One change was manifest in consumer behavior in the online context where people adapted to deal with the new normal. Digital technology was thus instrumental in driving the economy following the economic fallout of the pandemic. In addition, Thailand has also been in the grip of climate change which poses even graver threats as the nation is one of the top ten countries most affected by the climate crisis amid the climate-related and extreme weather events becoming more frequent and severe. The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP26 held in late 2021, has spurred all sectors to come to grips with the climate change challenges. It stands to reason that the next phase for social and economic recovery and development should be geared toward the Build Back Better framework rather than Getting Back to Normal to ensure sustainable long-term growth and resilience. To accomplish the objectives, digital technology backed by a green growth strategy is key to driving economic growth along with caring for society and the environment to contribute to a better quality of life of people at all levels and pass on a livable world to future generations.

As a smart digital life service provider, AIS is poised to be part of a mechanism to push Thailand through the crisis and foster economic growth in the digital era together with contributing to society and the environment. We are committed to operating business in line with a sustainable development approach through the “7 Strategies for Sustainable Development” serving as a compass that enables AIS to drive the digital economy, deliver digital access to society, and sustain the environment. To that effect, AIS has attached significance to both risks and opportunities encompassing the economic, social, and environmental dimensions. The 7 strategic focuses include digital innovation, data privacy & cyber security, human capital development, social inclusion, cyber wellness & online safety, climate actions, and waste management. Major developments in 2021 are as follows:

"Expanding from the prowess in mobile service to digital innovation for social development and sustainable environmental stewardship"
  • Driving digital economy AIS continues expanding its 5G network across Thailand with a coverage in key areas of 77 provinces. To further utilize the potential of 5G during the COVID-19 outbreak, AIS employed 5G technology to support medical and public health services. Chief among them included the use of artificial intelligence-assisted CT imaging of the lungs at Chulabhorn Royal Academy, and the development of UVC Moving CoBot in collaboration with Mahidol University, using 5G technology for the remote control of vehicles and for processing via IoT. These 5G-enabled medical solutions help facilitate the work of medical workers as well as minimize the transmission risk of COVID-19 among patients and medical workers. AIS also pledges to expand the network infrastructure and offer digital solutions to accommodate work from home efficiently while supporting the operations of organizations to enable the economic sector to move ahead backed by a cyber security system that meets international standards. Added to this was the enhancement of threat hunting capabilities in response to the significant increase in cybersecurity threats with the focus on pro-active threat hunting to reduce hunting time and allow for faster management of threats.
  • Providing digital access to everyone in Society Through the program ‘AIS Academy for Thais, Mission to drive digital society’, AIS provides digital access via the online learning platform LearnDi, enabling every Thai to access a wealth of knowledge during the time when social distancing has made classroom learning challenging. Apart from providing access to online learning materials for young people, the program allows workers as well as educators to develop multiple skills through various projects. For instance, the Educators Thailand and the Tutors programs are dedicated to enhancing the digital skills of educators, empowering them to embed technology in their teaching methods whereas the Digital Library program provides opportunities for students in distant areas to access knowledge via different digital media. On top of this is The Career Development by Aunjai Volunteers, a workshop that provides several occupational training courses for those interested and who can then earn a living during the COVID-19 crisis. Moreover, AIS has continued to develop the Aor Sor Mor online application to support the public health operations during the COVID-19 outbreak efficiently, allowing Thai people to access fundamental health services more inclusively and gain greater access to digital platform as a means to reduce the digital divide in Thai society. In 2021, a total of 4.58 million households benefited from the Aor Sor Mor online application.
  • Making environmental commitment AIS has carried out various core energy efficiency projects. Examples include the use of big data analysis to study customers’ usage behavior together with managing channels and energy use in response to customers’ usage patterns in an endeavor to deliver excellent service quality. We also resolve to promote the use of renewable energy by installing solar panels at another 2,744 base stations, reducing GHG emissions more than 8,000 tCO2e. Realizing that digital technology and smart solution businesses have a role to play in enhancing energy efficiency and reducing GHG emissions, AIS has continued to build on its expertise to develop smart solution services to address the needs of enterprise clients to shape their new normal at work and manage work processes to maximize energy efficiency as a means to cut GHG emissions.
"Striving to become a smart digital life service provider that promotes sustainable mutual growth between people in society and the environment"

The relentless commitment to conducting business with sustainability in all dimensions has resulted in AIS being listed on the domestic and international sustainability indexes of the Dow Jones’ World Index and Emerging Market Index for 2021 in the telecommunications industry category for the third consecutive year, the FTSC 4 Good Emerging Index for the seventh consecutive year, the SET Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) list for the seventh consecutive year, and listed on ESG 100 as a registered company showing excellence in environmental, social, and governance work by the Thai Pat Institute for the seventh year. AIS pledges to continue utilizing its strength as a smart digital life service provider to drive economic sustainability with concern for all stakeholders to create business, social, and environmental value in tune with good governance principles and support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. The objectives are to serve as an outstanding model in the telecommunications industry and support development in all sectors to achieve sustainable growth together.