Today, sustainable business is no longer a choice, but a necessary action for a major organization such as ourselves, that impacts the economy, society and environment.

Mr. Kan Trakulhoon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Amidst rapid changes in technology and the consumer market, we have had to face many challenges as well as opportunities, such as competition from new businesses that threaten revenue from traditional telecommunications services, increased concern over cybersecurity and data privacy, digital literacy and even accelerating climate change, which has made us more acutely aware of our energy usage and waste disposal. These matters have only grown in importance due to concerns and mandates of government, business partners, consumers and our investors. Today, sustainable business is no longer a choice, but a necessary action for a major organization such as ourselves, that impacts the economy, society and environment.

AIS has outlined a clear path towards sustainable business to ensure effective action. Considering both risks and opportunities, we synthesized the “7 Strategies for Sustainable Development”, accounting for the economy, society and environment. Our 7 strategies to business sustainability includes Digital Innovation, Data Privacy and Cyber Security, Human Resources Development, Social Inclusion, Cyber Wellness and Online Safety, Emissions and Waste. Major developments on these fronts in 2019 include:

  • Prepared knowledge and network technology in support of 5G, testing 5G technology with partners to study its feasibility. We believe that development of telecommunications business ecosystem coupled with a strong network infrastructure will support economic growth, enhance the capabilities of all businesses and enhance the lives of Thai people.
  • Initiated “Aunjai CYBER” to generate awareness on cyberthreat immunity with a focus on developing the Digital Intelligence Quotient of youths through online courses and digital content filtering tools. Teachers from over 378 schools took part in the initiative and it is being continually expanded. A project of pride for AIS as a digital life service provider, the initiative has contributed to the push to make the online world safer for Thai youths.
  • For the environment, we devoted great importance to managing and disposing electronic equipment to allow for recycling and reuse as well as expanded our cooperation with partner networks taking on electronic waste and appropriately carrying out disposal. AIS also joined “Thailand Responsible Business Network” (TRBN), a private sector initiative to drive Thailand toward its Sustainable Development Goals by conducting business with care towards the economy, society and the environment.

AIS is devoted and determined to conducting its business with sustainability in all dimensions, which has led to it being chosen for listing on both domestic and international sustainability indexes such as in both the Dow Jones’ World Index and Emerging Market Index for 2019 in the telecommunications industry category, the FTSE 4 Good Emerging Index, the SET Thailand Investment Index and on ESG100 as a registered company showing excellence in environmental, social and governance work for a fifth year as decided by Thaipat Institute.

AIS promises to continue to work toward business, social and environmental value in equal measure and in accordance with Good Governance and to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to provide a foundation from which the nation can grow and all of Thai society can benefit, towards shared sustainable growth.