Reduce & recycle waste from operation as well as encourage customers to dispose e-waste properly

The amount of e-waste from mobile devices is expected to increase significantly on a global scale. However, the awareness of e-waste recycling remains low and most old devices ended up in landfill or kept at home, which can cause serious environmental and health problems due to the toxic chemicals. As one of the major smartphone distributors and mobile operators, we commit to reduce and recycle waste from our operation while encourage customers to dispose such electronic waste properly. This will reduce our exposure to reputational risk while enhancing consumers’ perception toward AIS as a responsible operator. It will also prepare us to keep in line with potential legal requirements related to waste disposal.


With our commitment to a safe and proper e-waste disposal, we have set the following goals

  • Collect 9 million units of obsolete mobile and related electronic waste from consumers for proper recycling by 2021
  • Reduce non-recyclable e-waste from AIS services and operations from 5% of total waste in 2018 to 3% in 2021

To do so, we have set a strategy to tackle e-waste issue from both internal operation and partnership. AIS promote sustainable operation by reducing residue from e-waste after recycling process through internal e-waste disposal, AIS shops, and green supply chain. Also, we continue to engage and build public awareness toward e-waste through partnership from both public and private sectors.


Our recent efforts in e-waste management are as follows:

Initiated an e-waste collection program, partnering with universities and corporates will provide e-waste drop off points along with building of e-waste recycling among the public before we handover the collected e-waste to the authorized disposal services.

Is it time for all of us to take actions against e-waste?

Our performance

units 2015 2016 2017 2018 2018 target
Total waste tonnes 1,296 1,303 1,308 1,223 -
By type
Non-hazardous waste tonnes 1,183 1,215 1,209 728 -
Hazardous waste (e-waste) tonnes 113 88 99 495 -
By disposal method
Landfill (waste disposed) tonnes 1,054 1,081 1,076 665 800
Recycled tonnes 242 222 232 558 -
% Recycled % total waste 18.7 17.0 17.7 45.6 -
AIS Sustainability Report