Establish trusted brand in cyber wellness & online safety to build healthy online space

The current widespread use of the internet has made cyber threats a common issue of concern across the globe with dangers e.g. identity theft, and cyber-bullying. AIS, as a telecoms operator, has an undeniable role in promoting cyber wellness and online safety and has the ability to play a part in promoting digital technology usage that is beneficial to the economy and society. By enhancing safe online spaces for Thais, it will not only support our telecommunication business growth and reduce exposure to reputational risk impact but also improve customer loyalty to the AIS brand. Moreover, in tackling these challenges, the company has the opportunity to innovate new products and services for the enhancement of online safety in Thailand.


AIS have set our long-term targets as follows:

  • Become Thailand’s number one telecommunications brand, trusted for cyber wellness and online safety by 2022
  • Promote cyber wellness and online safety through digital intelligence quotient (DQ) courses at 2,000 educational institutions and protect 6,400,000 users in Thailand from cyber threats by 2022

To achieve our targets, AIS aims to proactively mitigate risks to vulnerable groups in the society, particularly youth. Our 3 main strategies under the “Aunjai CYBER” program includes digital quotient promotion, digital tools for cyber protection and promotion of awareness against the potential dangers and impacts of the internet and technology.


Promote Digital Quotient

AIS joined hands with DQ Institute to formulate a Thai language Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) course consisting of a test and online lessons measuring and building eight DQ skills among children aged 8–12 years, providing them the necessary knowledge to productively traverse the online world and internet. The project received measuring metrics for digital proficiency from world-class organizations and was disseminated to over 110 countries worldwide. AIS also collaborated with Thai educational institutions to instil knowledge and understanding in Thai youths using the courses.

8 digital skills
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Network Protector

AIS Secure Net is a protection and notification system against cyberthreats such as virus-infected websites and malware as well as an online filter for children and adolescents able to protect against pornography, narcotics, gambling, etc. built into the AIS internet network to avoid the need to download an application. The service is divided into two types based on user requirements, namely; AIS Secure Net for general users and AIS Secure Net Kids for children 5–12 years in age.

Protection And Notification System Against Cyberthreats

Notify & Block Virus Or Malware

Notify & Block Inappropriate/Scam Websites

Access Usage Report

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Family Link is an application that allows guardians to manage the safe usage of their children’s smartphones with cooperation from Google. The application trains children in appropriate smartphone usage with functions such as phone call limitation and reports, new application installment management, website access and location monitoring, all together creating a constructive safety barrier around a child’s digital life.

Manage the safe usege of children's smartphones

Screen Time Management

Approve or Deny New Application Installation

Oversee Application Installation

Website Browsing

Oversee Phone Usege Report

View Children's Current Location

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AIS promotes awareness against the potential dangers and impacts of the internet and technology.

AIS Sustainability Report