Innovate digital products & services to improve the quality of lives and promote businesses in Thailand

Digital technologies are emerging at a rapid pace and have changed the way the world works. Global telecom operators are faced with ongoing market disruption and structural change, threatening their revenue streams from traditional services. On the flip side, it is a compelling opportunity for AIS to leverage digital innovations as a growth engine to enhance our competitive edge and create value for our customers and society at large. AIS commits to deliver innovated products and services to serve new waves of customer demands, such as in relation to the smart city, smart logistics, and healthcare, to improve the quality of Thai lives and create added value for the economy and society with a smaller environmental footprint.


We set to become a sustainable innovation leader by building an Innovation System that can enhance the adaptability of AIS. We target to have more than 1,000 active partners, with a product and/or service launched in the market on AIS Partner Platform by 2021 that will benefit for both consumers and business in Thailand.

To do so, AIS has set a strategy to manage innovation efficiently among internal and external parties, AIS Open Innovation Framework, which covers four key areas as follows:

  • Set an Initiative Blueprint projects for selecting and building upon new business ideas to be, by analysing capability gaps and global trends
  • Utilize internal potential and collaborate with partners in the public, private and academic sectors.
  • Divide management and support for each business idea into three phases to appropriately allocate resources and support for development, including 1) Problem Solution Fit - ideas still in need of problem solving, 2) Product Market Fit - products and services that need to be market tested and refined, and 3) Business Model Fit - ideas ready to grow and be introduced to a wider market.

AIS Open Innovation Framework


Internal Innovation Incubation

AIS InnoJump Program


innovative projects from AIS Staff submitted.

The selected projects were granted Bt1 million each to support their go-to market strategy.

Collaborations with partners to drive innovation

AIS is determined to grow alongside its partners and thus engages in collaborations with academic and state agencies to exchange knowledge and technology as well as jointly development solutions that go from the prototyping phase to market. With private sector partners, AIS created a Partner Platform to serve as an end-to-end hub for creating solutions and services, providing technology, tools and equipment and needed software to ensure synchronicity with industry and market trends both current and in the future.

5G Technology Tests

AIS prepared complete foundational knowledge, from the working structure of the technology to the connection devices and equipment of 5G, working with educational institutions in every region and partners in the business realm to develop and trial 5G technology, testing various use cases for 5G. Tests were as follows:

Testing long-distance remote operation of a forklift using a 5G network with an aim to improve work safety

Conducting tests of 5G technology across every region of the nation e.g. self driving car, controlling a drone from across regions.

AIS Playgrounds

AIS established a space to serve as a central incubator of innovation, providing basic infrastructure and technology to university students, developers and upstart entrepreneurs looking to test their prototypes. By connecting with AIS’s Application Program Interfaces (API), users of the playground gain access to actual commercial services as well as experts who can provide them with guidance and technical know-how.

7 workshops

and training sessions


people participating

Data as of 31st December 2019

AIS IoT Alliance program (AIAP)

This project aims to become the central hotspot for the exchange of technological ideas from multiple industries to build versatile IoT solutions that benefit a wide range of industries and the country as a whole.




trainings sessions and workshops

AIS Sustainability Report