Create products and services through digital innovation to improve the quality of life of Thai people and elevate the competency of the Thai business sector.

In recent years, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a major challenge and a catalyst that causes greater reliance on digital technology in various dimensions. Moreover, the recent development such as the need to satisfy varied consumer needs through personalized services, and socially and environmentally responsible consumption trends will continue to be both opportunities and challenges for smart digital life service providers. To thrive, AIS needs to pioneer and put in place various types of digital technology to enable its customers to efficiently connect to the online world and innovate products, services, and digital businesses responsive to the ever-changing needs of the consumer in their personal and professional life.


AIS seeks to become a leader in innovations for sustainability by raising its adaptability in response to dynamic challenges and opportunities and building an ecosystem conducive to innovation in line with the AIS Open Innovation Framework.


People and Culture Transformation

AIS achieved significant success in the implementation of the AIS InnoJump project to provide its employees the opportunity to propose innovative business ideas. Realizing the value of the project as a driving force of innovation development, AIS has continued its promotion of internal innovation through activities and training programs. In 2021 AIS partnered with the Stanford Thailand Research Consortium (STRC) to organize an entrepreneurial and innovation skill development training course entitled ‘Jump Bootcamp’, attended by 144 employees.

Innovation Ecosystem Development

AIS has joined hands with various partners to develop technology and ecological systems for innovation.

  • Trials of 5G services to enhance opportunities and capacity for the Thai industrial sector

Allying with business partners to develop and translate innovations into value-added products ready to be launched onto the market by applying 5G technology, such as Smart Manufacturing, to enhance factory capabilities, including assembly line operations and warehousing, and ultimately pave the way for Industry 4.0.

  • IoT satellite wildfire early warning detection system

AIS team won the first prize in the S-Booster 2021, a space-based business idea contest organized by the Cabinet Office of Japan's government. Our project is a collaboration between AIS, the University of Tokyo, and a myriad of partners to adopt IoT technology in the construction of a forest fire detection system able to issue warnings to the agencies involved in a timely manner and ultimately to safeguard the lives of officials and community members and mitigate the loss of forest, a resource vital to the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

  • Jump Thailand

AIS has initiated the ‘thinking above and beyond for Thai people’ project to engage both its own employees and the general public in its efforts to push ahead with innovation through the annual event “AIS InnoJump” to promote business idea innovation

  • From Robotic Labs to Robot Smart Retail

In 2021, AIS built upon its 5G robotic labs and 5G robotic platform to launch new value-added products onto the market that would further its expansion into new digital life services. One example was its Robot Smart Retail, a shop assistant robot able to greet and entertain customers, give directions precisely, and provide information on the promotional campaigns of participating stores. The innovation met with extraordinary success thanks to AIS’s collaboration with its business partners specializing in robot and software development and the trust in the technology of customers, such as Siam Paragon and the H&M store at Central World.


Subjects Unit 2018 2019 2020 2021
Business partners Number of Partners 72 89 80 77
New products and service Number of Launches 49 37 39 108
R&D Investment Million THB 91 159 162 100
Revenue from innovations Million THB N/A 70.3 75.8 102

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