Nurture and develop AIS human capital to support business growth particularly digital business

Amid changes in digital technology, AIS needs to enhance its capabilities and prepare itself to rapidly changing business frontiers. Besides, due to the New Normal life amid the COVID-19, AIS has adopted more flexible work arrangements in response to the situation and taken varying measures to take care of employees in all areas to retain highly capable employees. Additionally, AIS revises its human capital management strategies to be more agile, enabling employees to adjust and enhance their digital skills from new work arrangements.


Focus is placed on providing opportunities for employees to fully showcase their abilities and potential for driving the organization forward towards sustainability and set the target of 2024 as follows:

  • Acquire enough staff with new abilities in digital technology to support business growth
  • 85% of talent pool is retained
  • 85% of Talent on Critical Role staff undergo new Ability training in digital technology
Strengthen the organizational culture aligned its business practices under the concept “FIT FUN FAIR”.
  • Good health, high energy
  • Knowledge and skills to meet every situation
  • Determination to produce work beyond expectation
  • Every challenge is fun for AIS employees
  • Happiness in work
  • Growth mindset and a positive, can-do attitude
  • Equal opportunities for all employees
  • Open mindedness and acceptance of differences
  • Excellent results and good deeds are rewarded
Management strategy to enhance organizational efficiency and drive employees to apply their full potential to increase the Company’s competitiveness through the 6Rs strategy


1. Talent Attraction, Retention, and Succession Plan

AIS’ principles to attract and retain talents include fair employment, talent management, digital skills hiring, career development, employee retention by providing incentives both monetary and non-monetary, and succession plan for every position throughout its structure.

AIS has put in place a clear remuneration policy defining appropriate remuneration as stipulated by law and comparable to companies in the same industry with emphasis on equality. The appraisal criteria are based on the following framework:

2. Employee Potential Development through Work Culture and Lifelong Learning

AIS adopts Ed Tech (Education Technology) to allow employees to learn via online and offline by using our learning digital platforms; LearnDi, which serves as a hub featuring a wealth of new knowledge and skills, both soft and hard skill, and Technical Knowledge Management (TKM), which provides technical courses such as Cloud Competing, 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for employees looking to enhance core competencies to cater to AIS’ emerging digital businesses and the future trends.

3. A Comprehensive Approach to Employee Well-being
  • 3.1 COVID-19 Prevention Measures.

    Implementation of the flexible working hours and measures to assist employees were put in place. AIS supported employees to receive COVID-19 vaccines, providing COVID-19 insurance, and supporting employees to get access to immediate hospitalization if needed.

  • 3.2 Promotion and Support for Employee Welfare Benefits to Take Care of Employees Comprehensively

    To support the new workplace trends, AIS implements flexible work arrangements and allows employees to use their business leave and vacation leave with pay for taking care of their wife and child or family members. Moreover, AIS also provides a range of other benefits to its employees, such as educational funding for employees’ children, breastfeeding/lactation room, assistance funds for accident victims, loyalty rewards, health check-ups, medical care, etc.

  • 3.3 Employee Well-Being

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, AIS rolled out the AIS Wellness program to promote employees’ good health throughout 2021 such as a variety of online exercise activities to Promote Good Health, an E-Sports event, and Aunjai Station podcast to provide knowledge on health care.

4. Employee Engagement

The Company considers employees to be the most valuable resource, comparable to the organization’s source of power. Therefore, recognition and response to employee expectations are what the Company has always given importance to. In 2021, the Company conducted an alternative survey, called the AIS Organization Climate Survey 2021, to collect employees’ opinions and suggestions about the workplace environment during this new normal situation. The survey contains questions that explore employee’s engagement behaviors, along with their binding relationship with the Company under three (3) areas namely:

  1. SAY: employees speak positively about the organization
  2. STAY: employees have an intense desire to remain working with the organization
  3. STRIVE: employees are motivated to exert extra efforts and engage in work to contribute to business success

In 2021, 83% of the employees had responded to this survey and the 2021 Organization Climate Survey. The result revealed that 75% of our employees are engaged, which was higher than Thailand's average (70%), higher than global telecommunication’s average (62%), and higher than global IT’s average (61%). The results of such survey would be used as an input for the Company to improve the working environment and activities to stay consistent with employees’ needs and necessity.

5. Diversity and Inclusion

Employees are given equal opportunities to develop their skills and advance in their careers without prejudice against different backgrounds. AIS supports employees to take part in activities that they are passionate about and provides training on diversity and inclusion to promote respect for human rights and understanding about diversity of their fellow employees.

Kantima Lerlertyuttitham
Chief Human Resources Officer

AIS believes that a diverse workforce is a key to success and has made being open to diversity a cornerstone of its human capital management during this transitional period. a diverse makeup drivers AIS as an organization and business while simultaneously fostering sustainable social growth
6. Occupational Health, Safety, and Workplace Environment

AIS formulated an occupational health, safety, and workplace environment plan with an emphasis on compliance with occupational health, safety, and workplace environment and other relevant laws, which applied to AIS’ trading partners and contractors. Some of the efforts include strategy to promote employees’ good health, employees’ stress relief, promotion of workplace safety, maintaining safety for contractors and sub-contractors, and organizing training on occupational health, safety, and workplace environment. More information on our OHS commitment and programs are shown here.

7. Freedom of Association

The company has established the welfare committee as the main communication channel between employees and the management in collective bargaining of employee benefits. Moreover, the welfare committee has involved in the right to collective bargaining and the freedom of association for all employees equally. The committee sets up meetings with executives to ensure the welfare and benefits of the group employee are appropriated. Currently, there are 59 Welfare Committee members in total, selected from employees of AIS and subsidiaries. Such collective bargaining agreements cover 100% of AIS Group employees.

Apart from the welfare committee, other forms of employee cooperative or committees that have a specific role and responsibility in taking care of employee benefits are also established. The focus areas can categorize into 2 main topics which are 1) Workplace conditions and safety, and 2) Financial stability and support.

Workplace condition and safety

Occupational Health and Safety Committee (OHSC) and Safety committees are responsible for reviewing on safety and occupational health related measures or suggesting any corrective measures to ensure safety in work and promote safety activities in the workplace.

Financial stability and support

AIS Co-op and Provident Fund Committee are set up to promote financial stability of employees and ensuring that they will get support by proper financial tools and medical benefits. Certain employees’ welfare and benefits also cover the family members.

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