Leverage our digital infrastructure & solutions to uplift community well-being & reduce the digital divide.

Today, telecommunication network in Thailand well covers beyond 98% of population with 4G technology playing key role in supporting diverse services to enhance people’s lives and work. However, a large number of rural population have access only to basic service such as telephony remains to have low internet adoption. Data collected by the National Statistical Office suggest that 90% of population use mobile phone but only 57% access internet. Also, 70% of Thai people work in the agriculture sector, and these people tend to have limited access to knowledge base and technologies, partly causing income gap. AIS as the leading telecommunication infrastructure and digital service provide sees this as an opportunity to bring in digital technologies and innovations as a mean of elevating the wellbeing of rural population. At the same time, this represents an opportunity for digital platforms to make an impact on an unexplored target group, expanding the marketing coverage and preparing Thailand for the digital economy.


AIS is driven to play a part in enhancing the quality of life of the Thai people using technological and communication connections as a key tool for supporting Thais to enter the digital era, while being mindful of its core business. AIS has set the group-wide strategy on corporate social sustainability, aimed at elevating their quality of life using its digital platform and partnerships. The strategy comprises of the 3 dimensions as follow:

  1. Digital Infrastructure: Expand digital infrastructure for maximum coverage so efficient communication can keep in step with national economic development
  2. Affordable Products and Services: Support public access to appropriately priced digital communications equipment
  3. Improve Well-being through Digital Platforms: Create and develop digital platforms that enhance the efficacy of economic and social infrastructure as well as uplift Thai society, under “Digital for Thais” concept.

AIS is devoted and determined to conducting its business, integrating sustainability business practices in all dimensions. AIS promises to continue to balancing the values of business, social and environmental in accordance with Good Governance, in line with the UN SDGs including:

  • Goal 1: No poverty
  • Goal 3: Good health and well-being
  • Goal 4: Quality education
  • Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Goal 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
  • Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production


Invest in Digital Infrastructure

AIS 3G and 4G technology covering 98 percent of the Thai population, a broadband internet network built on fiber technology covering 57 provinces of the country. AIS has nonetheless begun making preparations to accommodate 5G technology, staging tests and studies in 5 regions of the nation. With 5G poised to serve an important role in providing widespread access to technology and digital systems, to create opportunities for business and industries to develop digital products and services and to enhance production processes for greater efficiency, quality and accuracy, the protocol will have far-reaching economic, social and environmental effects.

Affordable digital devices

Aware of the inequality and lack of opportunity faced by less fortunate citizens, AIS has sought to provide all Thais with access to digital technology and to promote knowledge in digital technology by seeking out appropriate choices for them such as smartphones priced between Bt1,000 and 3,000, which would enable access to the internet and experience with digital technology across all regions.

Customers with disabilities

Special package for blind and deaf, iSign call center service

Minority group

Migalaba SIM for Myanmar customers and Suasadey SIM for Cambodian customers

Promote digital platforms to enhance community well-being and economic wellness (Digital for Thais)

AIS has outlined a clear path towards sustainable business to ensure effective actions through group-wide strategy on corporate social responsibility, under “Digital for Thais”, focusing on five dimensions as follow: 1) Public Health, 2) Digital Literacy, 3) Reduced Inequalities, 4) Environment, and 5) Startups.

1. Public health

Aor Sor Mor online application – networking platform for Tambon Health Promoting Hospitals (THPH) and village health volunteers (Aor Sor Mor) that is more efficient and convenient for sharing news, scheduling meetings, group discussions, and reporting to enhance the effectiveness of the overall management of the local health unit, equipped with better analysis of health data and effective handling of health issue to the right target groups.

Aor Sor Mor Online Application Adds New Function ‘Mosquito Larva Survey’ - AIS has joined with the Department of Disease Control and Department of Health Service Support in signing a Memorandum of Understanding on integrating information to bolster precautions, prevention and control of diseases spread by mosquitoes. Using digital technology to link information from mosquito larva surveys entered into the Aor Sor Mor Online application to the Disease Control Department’s Contagious Diseases Monitoring System so that it may respond to the application and alert health units in a timely manner, the collaboration will also disseminate accurate knowledge on preventing diseases borne by mosquitoes to Aor Sor Mor members, supporting proactive public health efforts, expanding the knowledge of Aor Sor Mor and providing efficient and equal healthcare to Thais in every region.

3rd Annual Aor Sor Mor Online Application Usage Competition - AIS, working with the Ministry of Public Health and Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, organized the “3rd Annual Aor Sor Mor Online Application Usage Competition”, encouraging public health units and Aor Sor Mor members to adopt digital technologies as tools in providing healthcare in accordance with the Aor Sor Mor 4.0 policy and the “Digital for Thai” concept, ultimately sustainably benefitting health systems throughout Thailand.

2. Digital Literacy

AIS has an undeniable role in promoting cyber wellness and online safety and has the ability to play a part in promoting digital technology usage which focus on prevention, education, and build awareness under the project “Aunjai CYBER” which includes;

  1. Network Educator : Digital Quotient Promotion (DQ)
    • AIS joined hands with DQ Institute to formulate Digital Intelligence Quotient (DQ) course consisting of a test and online lessons measuring and building eight DQ skills among children aged 8–12 years
    • Collaborated with Thai educational institutions to instill knowledge and understanding in Thai youths using the courses
  2. Network Protector Digital Tools for Cyber Protection
    • Launched AIS Secure Net to assist in effectively reaching customers at risk from cyber threats
    • Partnered with Google to promote Family Link application to enhance the appropriate internet usage.

3. Reduced Inequalities

AIS has collaborated with various government agencies, including the Information Technology Foundation, the Border Patrol Police Headquarters, NECTEC, and Wildlife Sanctuary authorities, to implement the “ICT and Integrated Renewable Energy project for marginalized communities initiated by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn”.

4. Environment

AIS has initiated the E-Waste project aiming to educate people on the effects of improper disposal and, in partnership across sectors, collect e-waste for proper and sustainable disposal for a better environment and less residual electronic waste in Thailand.

  • Improving the environmental quality of life for Thai citizens under the theme “Mission Green 2020”
  • Campaigning for greater awareness of environmental issues and encouraging the public to drop off their E-waste at AIS Shops.
  • Collaborating with partners with an expertise in logistics and able to set long term plans
  • Expanding “Green Phaholyothin” Network

5. Startups

A value-sharing platform through which tech startups can cooperate with AIS to accelerate the development of their products and services identified as having potential demand in current and future markets.

Other activities


Sarnrak Konkeng Huajai Kreng (Strong People, Strong Heart) - AIS gives scholarships to students from low income families to help them pursue an education up to and including the level of Bachelor’s degree.

The “AIS Kon Keng Hua Jai Kreng” Show - Presenting stories of young “Kon Keng Hua Jai Kreng”, or strong people with strong hearts, worthy of being held up as models for other Thai youths. Airs every Thursday via online channels including AIS Play, AIS Play Box, YouTube and Facebook.


The Intelligent Farm (iFarm) Platform - AIS developed iFarm in collaboration with Sansiri, Kamnanchul Farm and a network of 40 other partners who developed farmland and applied the following technologies:

  1. The Intelligent Green House grows melons using smart temperature control, which allows for cooling down to between 4 and 8 °C. The green house has a sensor system connected wirelessly to monitoring equipment that can viewed on the iFarm platform, allowing for control at all times by farmers using their mobile phones or computers.
  2. The open field vegetable patch uses a wireless system for measuring ground moisture as well as a wireless electronic water valve system controlled by iFarm via a highspeed wireless network. The convenient approach to farming allows farmers to place measuring equipment by themselves.
  3. The Weather and PM2.5 Assessment Station displays readings on the iFarm Dashboard in real-time, allowing for easy study and understanding of weather conditions.

Our Performance

Type of Contribution Unit 2019
Cash contributions Baht 141,994,900
Time: employee volunteering during paid working hours Baht 2,056,560
In-kind giving: product or services donations, projects/partnerships or similar Baht 7,263,386
Management overheads Baht 25,696,393
AIS Sustainability Report