Uplifting community well-being and decreasing social inequality through digital infrastructure and solutions

Although, telecommunications networks currently cover 98% of the population, a disparity in usage between urban dwellers and remote rural residents still exists. Indicating inequality in access to digital technology, while urban populations use smartphones and internet for various life benefits and career development.

AIS, as a telecommunications service and digital technology provider, understands the opportunities inherent in promoting appropriate access to technology by communities and the use of digital platforms to offer the different demographics of Thailand access to an array of learning content and formats. Supporting these areas uplifts quality of life, reduces social inequality, creates opportunities for education, and builds careers, all together benefitting social and economic growth while also fostering a strong long-term relationship between AIS and its community. Promoting its image as a company that drives a digital society, these efforts have helped to expand the AIS customer base and garnered the trust of its users.


AIS is committed to being a part of bettering life for the Thai people, using its communication technology resources to support developments that keep the Thai people in pace with the digital era. Leveraging its business and human resources for social and community development through a range of policies and projects. AIS set policies that mobilize its digital platforms to achieve greater equality, by implemented the strategies as follows :

Expansion of digital infrastructure for maximum coverage in support of efficient communication and alignment with national economic development
Supporting public access to affordable digital communication devices
Developing digital platforms that enhance economic and social structures along with quality of life


Public Health
  • Aor Sor Mor Online Application Project

The objective of serving as a communication tool between sub-district health promotion hospitals and village health volunteers, facilitating the proactive work of local level health service units. To provide a clearer picture of health situations and to inform appropriate health service planning, enhancing the capability of VHVs through digital technology.

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the integration of data for the evaluation and identification of community members with mental health issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic using the Aor Sor Mor Online Application.

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Health Security Office (NHSO) on communicating health news and information via the Aor Sor Mor Online Application in support of the health and health security rights knowledge of Village Health Volunteers.

  • AIS: Connecting to Help Thai People

1. Installation of 5G networks in hospitals, field hospitals, field vaccination sites, vaccination sites, and isolation centers at 86 locations to support medical work by allowing for the utilization of innovations, technology and solutions that reduce risks to medical workers while facilitating their care of COVID-19 patients.

2. Development of 5G medical innovations, collaborated with Chulabhorn Royal Academy to establish connections for the AI AIS 5G AI CT Lung Scan and developed a UVC Moving CoBot with Mahidol University’s Faculty of Engineering, a robot able to quickly, accurately, and efficiently disinfect up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. AIS also developed a telemedicine system for long distance doctor-patient communication via VDO Call, reducing the burden on medical personnel as well as risks of infection.

AI AIS 5G AI CT Lung Scan
UVC Moving CoBot

3. Communication devices and equipment for Aunjai volunteers for support was provided to medical personnel and patients.

  • AIS Academy

AIS and LearnDi Co. Ltd. joined hands with partners in the EdTech space to unveil LearnDi, a digital platform for educational equality. Providing opportunities for Thai people to better themselves through the learning of new skills and disciplines, LearnDi was also designed as a platform for complete online education management. AIS developed the platform from its own its employee learning portal as part of its “Mission to drive digital society”, delivering LearnDi to the Thai people as a sustainable digital learning platform. The project encompasses all groups within the education space: teachers, tutors, students and general public through various project: The Educators Thailand, The Tutors, Digital Library and Aunjai Asa Career Development.

Reduction of Inequality
  • AIS Call Center for People with Disabilities

AIS recognizes the need to support human rights efforts and provide equal access to employment, launching a project to create career opportunities for people with disabilities in 2007 focused on using digital technology to augment the capabilities of disabled individuals and employing such individuals in its Call Center. Work environments and equipment were adapted to facilitate safety and convenience for disabled employees and they were provided with equal remuneration and benefits to their able-bodied counterparts. AIS hires 106 people with disabilities, both working in Bangkok and the region.

Digital Literacy Promotion
  • SDG Lab by Thammasat University & AIS

AIS joined hands with Thammasat University to establish “SDG Lab by Thammasat & AIS” under the concept of integrating 5G and IoT digital technologies to form a foundation for sustainability and to serve as a space for experiments and actualization by creators and inventors, leading to the development of innovations and the adaptation of technologies for addressing various environmental issues.

AIS utilized 5G digital technology to develop an Autonomous EV Car. Utilizing the highspeed, low latency on AIS 5G network, the vehicle had stable driving and supported transportation within the area effectively. An affirmation of the AIS commitment to delivering digital services that uplift quality of life, open access to digital technologies for self-betterment and social change, and the creation of social and environmental contexts for mutual sustainable growth.


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